Naâman - Sunrise of India (Official Video)

Video shot by Valentin Campagnie, Sachin Pillai and Pierre Lemaire
Edited by Valentin Campagnie and Guillaume Agostini
Animation by Guillaume Agostini

Lyrics by Naâman
Music composed by Fatbabs

Performers :
Vocals : Martin “Naâman” Mussard
Additional vocals : Karishma Bhasin
Drum and additional sounds : Benjamin “Fatbabs” Jeanne
Guitars : Quentin “Badman” Dupont
Keys : Julian “Djoul” Mauvieux
Bass: Julian “Djoul” Mauvieux
Violin : Dimitri Artemenko
Drums : Simon “Saymon” Roger

Recorded Studio Haxo - Faune Studio
Recording Engineer : Alexis « EXL » Mischler
Mixing Engineer : Thomas "Atom" Vexier
Master by : Damien Bolo

Naâman - Sunrise Of India 

Lyrics - Sunrise Of India - Naâman :
They see a lack of ambition
Not being a part of their game
I said I ain’t on a mission
I only do entertain
Wouhou yeah yeah
They see a lack of sensation
Doing forever the same
I am living within creation
Tell me what more is to gain
Wouhou yeah yeah
Heleley Heleley
- Sing something
-Oh I have to sing?
Tadalala Tadalala
Wouhou yeah yeah
Heleley Heleley

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