Charly B - Disco Light (Lyric Video)

“Disco Light” is a love song in which Charly B describes a woman that plays with his heart. 
All this with a Reggae, Soul, and Dancehall groove.

If the song was written and sung by Charly B, the instrumental was composed by Maciej "P.I.L.O." Pilarz, Polish producer with whom Charly B has already worked on collaborations with the group Jahneration, the artist Pressure Buss Pipe, and soon the original Naâman.

The most Jamaican of French singers returns here with a pure text and sharp rhymes. 

Song : Disco Light
Artists : Charly B 
Produced  by : P.I.L.O (Maciej Pilarz) 
Harmonies by : Charly B
Mastered at : Studio As One (Poland)
Label : Diggers Factory / PIAS music (Paris / London)

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