#maximumsound #quickmoveriddim #dancehall2021
Quick Move Riddim (Maximum Sound) 2021

Quick Move Riddim (Maximum Sound) 2021
#maximumsound​ #quickmoveriddim​ #dancehall2021​

1. Quick Move. Busy Signal
2. Large. Christopher Martin
3. Bun It Down. Mr Vegas
4. Paranoid. Lisa Mercedez
5. Faker. Pressure Busspipe
6. DM. Lia Caribe
7. Self Defence. The Kemist
8. Bruk Life. Renee 630

Produced & Arranged by Frenchie For Maximum Sound Productions

Release Date: 24th Of February 2021

Quick Move Riddim feat Busy Signal, Christopher Martin, Mr Vegas, Pressure Buss Pipe, Lisa Mercedez, Lia Caribe, The Kemist et Renee 630