Jah Mason x I-Wayne - PROVE [Official Video 2021]

From the Global Flex Music Project - "Jungle of Life" - featuring "Jungle of Life", "Jah Territory with Jah Izrehl", "Ain't No Chain", "No Sad Story", "Empress Divine", "House of Cards" and more.

Jah Mason & I Wayne - Prove - lyrics :

Burn religious war I don't fear nuh spell
Why so many people a race fi go a hell

Love is a flag flown high with motivation
Men of wrong that's definitely Satan

I never feel like giving up or slowing down
I'm moving forward
There's a voice in my head say yuh gotta be strong
(Yuh gotta be strong) 
So Prove the lovers right
and prove the haters wrong
Be strong, be strong, be strong, be strong

Don't you ever give it up 
Make sure yuh live it up
Live is worth the living
There's always a way if there's a will

A lotta yute spoil to how dem well rude
Young and old a walk the street well nude
Mi tell my people nuh make nuh hell move
Dem betta get a shop or a stall and sell food
Nuff a seh dem have the cannon thing
Make shot sing like how Mr. Hammond sing
Fi poison dem family a common ting
Dem wi kill yuh wid a needle or a common pin


Move weakness

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