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Taiwan MC - Let The Weed Bun feat. Davojah (Music Video) - Chinese Man Records
Taiwan MC - Album - Nah Leave Me Corner - 2019 - Chinese Man Records

Taiwan MC feat. Davojah - Let The Weed Bun
From "Nah Leave Me Corner" EP, available HERE

Davojah & Taiwan - Let The Weed Bun- Lyrics :
Davojah & Taiwan in a combination
This one goes out to all ganjaman all ganjawoman, all herbalists !


Let the weed bun
Unu know bout dis ya ganja ah di real one
Unu know bout dis ya weed ah bring the wisdom
Roll another one when it done
Let the weed bun 
Unu know bout dis ya herb ah di real one 
Unu know bout dis ya weed ah help me keep strong
Come gimme the good ganja plant 


You know me love the herb & me never gwaan stop it
Spliff weh me build dem a big like rocket
Gimme di highest grade year long me stock it
Haffi grow me own ca me tired fe buy it
Fly like dove with weed me in a love
This ya one is like a blessing from above
Ina France the best weed is in the south (2x)



Big spliff in my hand
Me and the one Taiwan
Check that weed me have a nice one
Sing fi di ganjaman
Yes Davo you are my brethren
Mash up the dancehall rock & come in
Under me big fat spliff & ting 
Blaze up dat weed from morning
Come fi nice up di riddim
Me a lyrical machine 
Any party we mash it 
And see the mic yah we smash it 
Many many kees of the green cheese get consumed by we mc's
Call the ganja farmers tell dem what we need 
Tell Babylon fi low di trees 
I man smoke out di police
My weed addi baddest in a di place
Come ina mi yard & smoke pon this
Herbalistic this is how we kick it outer space man
When we blazing up we sing the blues like BB King son
Taiwan & Davojah ah keep it lively
Taiwan & Davojah ah keep it irie 



So we go roll another one & when it done
Yes we a go nice up session 
Unnu know we got the herbalist flow
Now we keep it irie never mind the babylon
See them in a distance
While we floating on a cloud of smoke
Blaze the weed of wisdom
Focus on the works to be done