CLIP - Soom T - Original That's Me (Official Video)


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Video directed by Faya Burn
Mountain Tour 2020

Written by Soom T
Composed by Highly Seen (JD, Green Teddy, Daddy Green)
Produced by DJ Kunta

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Soom T - Original That's Me - Lyrics :

Today I’m happy
Because I know Jah love me
Today I’m happy
Coz he makes me free x 2
It’s the S oom T (original) thas me
A little bit dreamy weemy (burnin down trees)
Do you want a dub (don’t forget to say please)
Killing sound boys, sipping Tetley Tea

Sound big like a gorilla and sweet (like ba-nana)
Holy like the master talking about Jah Jah
Little ganja leaf print - on ma bandana
Magic when upon the mic – abracadabra
Little too nice (wig a lickle bit a spice)
Write like a string in the wind on a kite
Bringing light to the lives that abide in the fighting
Good fight brightness follows the righteous

Chorus reversed

All good things dem come for free
But not me, you need to pay to hear me
Saying, do you want a fine sound fine sound sweet
Do you wanna a killa on the mic pon a fat beat
Listen up chump don’t run from the bass thump
I surf crowd singing bring down Trump
He’s a little too orange (to be a president)
If he was a footie player his team would get dumped


I’ve been called a dimwit not too intelligent 
But I’m not ashamed to be the litters best runt
With pg tips and a lotta front
I flip don’t trip spit a lyric for fun
why shouldn’t I accept when someone pays me
For standing on a mic not behaving lairy
Never scary, like a Christmas fairy
Praying for the Lord to show me his mercy


Album de Soom T - The Arch à paraitre le 11 septembre 2020

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Soom T - Biographie 

After fifteen years of activity and almost a hundred titles to her credit, she finally released her first solo album “Free As a Bird” in 2015 on Wagram Music which shows the full extent of her talent and her musical spectrum. Will follow, “Ode To A Karrot” (Khanti Records) in 2016 then “Born Again” in 2018 (Strong Foundation).

For the recording of her new album, Soom T naturally turns to his friend DJ Kunta who will produce all the songs. Composed and recorded with the Lyon-based band Highly Seen, this new album entitled “The Arch” catches the essence of the music of the one we now call “the princess of raggamuffin”! This new album is also the reflection of her Christian philosophy, as its title “The Arch” and artwork suggests, based on an extensive study of the gospels that have influenced all the songs.

In 2020, Soom T will hit the road accompanied by his musicians to present on stage this new album “The Arch” whose release is scheduled for May 15, 2020.