CLIP -  QUEEN OMEGA "Dirty Minds" (Sweep It Out Riddim) Produced by 149 Records [Official Video]

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Sweep It Out Riddim - 149 Records


ANTHONY QUE "Pack up your Guns"
CEDRIC MYTON "Statue of Gold"
QUEEN OMEGA "Dirty Minds" (Sweep it Out)  
DERAJAH "Destiny" 
CHARLY B "Road it no Easy" 
JAE PRYNSE "Remember to Pray"  

Composed and mixed by M.Forestal, played by 149 Band
Sound engineer and studio : G. Lampis @149 Studio   
Produced by M. Dormoy & 149 Records/Rubaskapeù Prod
Mastering : Altho Studio 
Designed by Tidouz 
Drums: M. Dormoy / Bass: R. Meredith / Guitar: K. Nguyen-Duc / Keys: C. Fages / Perc: L.Delhotellerie