Sizzla Kalonji "Victory" Bread Back Productions


DIGITAL RELEASE [Bread Back Productions]

01. Its Dangerous 
02. Life Is A Challenge 
03. Nutten Nuh Come Easy 
04. Hard To Survive 
05. Worst Every Day 
06. Money Can’t Buy Life
07. Nuh Guns 
08. Cease The Violence 
09. Marijuana 
10. Jah Jah Give Me Victory 
11. Blaze It Now 
12. Thank U Jah Jah 
13. What R Frenz For 
14. Jah Guide And Protect Me 
15. Roll With Me 
16. Mama Make Mi Deh Ya So (Bonus Track)

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Sizzla - Mamma Mek Mi Deh Yah So