CLIP - Soom T - Bomb Our Yard - Album Born Again - Strong Foundation


Lyrics Soom T "Bomb Our Yard"

So I look up then look round what’s on ma telly?
Something here is getting rotten dirty and smelly
I can feel the earth wobble like I’m walking on jelly
Can you hear me I’ve got something to tell you.
It’s about birth certificates yes traded as stocks
Unum Sanctum and the owning of the flock
The big bad gangster, bankster on top
Of the corrupt shop that the cops don’t stop
Why?  Too much television killing my vision
On a mission gonna free my mind from the system
Burn Babylon down children listen
Your mind is in a prison sitting killing your wisdom
In a mind flitting, sitting in a prison
Most people are dumbed down, dead or kipping
Gonna bet on getting better but a bullet is hissing
Sent with derision to my holy dominion

You can bomb our yard
Take us off pitch give us the red card
You can push real hard
But you’ll never break us and tear us apart x 2

We are still living under maritime laws
Government has the right to send our kids to war
Treating us like suckers devil doesn’t miss tricks
Except one son that returned to eclipse
The big bad man with a hand gun in his hand bag
Standing by a smoker with a fag in his hand
Planned to move fast, like a bomber off ash
Bought from a man that wanted hard cash
Stoned on an old phone smoking home grown
I’m spying my horizon like a government drone
Marking my ground on a studio cone
I spit it on the mic like the guns of Navarone
I break chains like an escaped slave frothing
At the mouth wanting blood and a soap washing
I’m a cop dodging gyal and I never be stopping
Kicking the door down if you’re caught not in


You can push real hard but you’ll never break us and tear us apart
You can push real hard but you’ll never tear us apart

I’m standing as a dissident saying listen up president
I’m your tenant resident that pays you tax and dividends
Indifferent you seem to be to people who are suffering
Because you are warmongering I solemnly declare you’re in
A bit of trouble yes that this bubble is exploding
An explosion that is gonna take you out so pay attention
Emotions that I’m throwing should awaken eyes are open
Barely coping with this global chaos that you’re growing.