Copyright - 2017 - ALAM Production - Published by Dibyz Music.

Where's your love:

Where is your love, is it so hard to be found
Where is the love, it s gonna make the world go round again
where is your love, you just have to let it shine
Whers is your love
In every cell of your own body and mind

Let's share when we suffer
Love 's not what you own, love is what you give
What the society offer, a constant race to get more money
Spread love it is so so precious it's our best weapon to fight, 
Against the fools talking too loud trying to keep us in the night, 
Together stay righteous, to grow lights in our hearts 
to those who tries to divide us, we simply ask


Never let them fool you never let them push you down
Never let them make you think that this world can't go round
Love is the only thing that grows when you give solidarity creativity dignity
Greedy man taking without never givin, we got to take the power back 
Write another story on the book of life no more violence no more children dying

Where is your love