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Derrick Pitter : Play Mr Music Play / Cubiculo Records
Dennis Brown : Bab It's You / Rock On
Dennis Brown : Over The Rainbow / Rock On
Dennis Brown : Rock On / Rock On
Samory I : There is a spirit
Kristine Alicia : Cry
Kristine Alicia : Zion Bud : Sugar
Bud : Sugar 
Stranjah Miller : Black Woman You Are
Stranjah Miller and Straika D : The Marijuana Corner
Gifta : Free Di Herbs 
Gifta : Real
- INTERVIEW Charly B -
Charly B : Step By Step / Journey Of Life
Charly B : One Phone Call / Journey Of Life
Charly B : Respect / Journey Of Life
- FREESTYLE Charly B - 
Charly B : Black Green and Gold Dubplate Party Time
Méryl : Mes Failles Mes Limites : DJ Gil
- INTERVIEW Calaloo Sound System - 
Session Calaloo Sound System