Clip de Jahneration "Deh Ya" Monsieurtok Ovastand Records :

Jahneration "Deh Ya" Lyrics : 

Cah we deh ya, we stay ya, we nah go run way 
We no fraid what dem say, we nah change our on way we a 
Original, playing sounds from the future we 
No chemical tun it up ruff and louder

My bredda, don’t you know we nah bow fi appeal to dem desires ?
Cah me no fraid a, all the jokes, all di chats, all di talkers, all di money makers
Music no mathematics, colors and tastes know seh harda than any other feelings
You mista critics, you nah fi judge it, listen wha me say
And me know me never gonna give up no,
chat-chatty mouths dem all fi know
seh me do wha me want and the people dem a chant with me
dis ya melody and we irie

Well it's all about the biggest bad sound a di dance 
Trust me you ago enter di trance
and maybe the one who feel the vibes first ago be the one who give it up in advance 
White gunpowder! Explosive like a burning lava 
We sound a like the most high anger, ruff and louder it a burn down di haters
Write inna di books seh we gone pon top 
Finally deh ya fresh outta di box
Likkle white boy dem and we come solid as a rock 
Full a vibration and courage 
Me no kill, me no rub but me savage 
Well me murder di microphone when me deh ya pon the stage yeah