Paroles de "Better Than Today " Richie Campbell

I have pain I have sorrow
But I know that tomorrow will be
Better than today
And thought the Sun may not be shining,
I know in the morning will be
Better than today,
I will be free, from all the pain that is coming my way,
But I will not give up, I know when I wake up it will be
Better than today

Forgive oh father
I know I don't make it easy and at times make it harder
Even when I falter
And my well runs dry
You still show me the water.
I hear the rain pitter patter,
See the rainbow get brighter.
And as the sun start shine
I know the worse just get left behind

I'm here again father
Everybody left me beg you put your hand pon me shoulder.
Feel it getting better,
Likle food deh pon me table plus me
Get the job letter
Me move the clouds, clear weather,
Stop hide under me shelter.
And as the sun start set I know I've seen ir before so I rest

I'll be better yes I know I will,
And I'll believe until I get my fill.
I know that troubles are around still,
But overcoming them is now a thrill.
Cause I see dem in a new light or is it my eyes,
Or the thought of the blue skies I'll see tomorrow when I rise