Rusko / jahovah
Matthew mc anuff / if yuh want war
Shanti D / informer
Shanti D / politics + dub
King General / put down the gun
Y. T / forward to reality
Mr Williams / computer edge
Y. T / Word news
Daddy Freddy / Dread inna Armagedeon
Chinese Man / Racing with the sun-iration steppa remix
S. Kaya / police
King General / got to be concsious
OBF feat Kenny Knots
OBF feat Danman / Wickeed haffi run
OBF feat Warrior Queen / System ruff
STAND High Patrol / Dub It
MIGHTY MASSA /Build a better world
RAS MIKAH / raw fisherman
TIT / da big masta
Barry Isaac / war zone
TURBULENCE / for life
King Alpha / roaring lion dub 1
King Alpha / roaring lion dub 2
Bush Chemist / look to the East
MARTIN CAMPBELL / Wickeed run part 1 & 3
Martin Campbell / richman + dub
Sak I dub / upset & control
Taiwan / weed get me High
Leroy Gibbons / Build up the Vibes